Science & Technology

Thinking Outside the DNA Box

The most advanced machines today pale in comparison to the promises and possibilities of modern science and engineering. While large nuclear reactors, ion powered rockets, and self-driving cars amaze all of us, science is just beginning to marvel at the wonders of the microscopic world. Hearing the words ‘microscopic world’ it is only natural to …

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Magnetic Peril in the South Atlantic

From global pandemics to widespread protests to ferocious cyclones, 2020 hasn’t been short of setbacks so far. To add to the drama, the European Space Agency (ESA), on 20th May, released a statement about the weakening of Earth’s magnetic field over a specific region. Stretching from South America to south-west Africa, the magnetic field over …

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All Aboard the Cloud Bandwagon

Embracing cloud computing methods is becoming predominant for companies looking to drive their business forward over the upcoming years. Although digital transformation continues to be a fancy buzzword for the moment, with coverage of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence increasing as each day ticks by, cloud computing remains current, even if it has slipped from …

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