Fahd Seth

Fahd Seth

A Martian Helicopter: Flying into the Future!

Helicopters taking off on Earth are a stupefying sight alright. But have you ever thought about the same, enthralling view on Mars?! Having rocketed planetary exploration to new heights time and again, another NASA marvel, Ingenuity soars to the Red Planet with the hope of having a new and better means of transport on the Big Red. What makes this mission different from the previous ones? Read ahead to know more about this transportation marvel!

Thinking Outside the DNA Box

The most advanced machines today pale in comparison to the promises and possibilities of modern science and engineering. While large nuclear reactors, ion powered rockets, and self-driving cars amaze all of us, science is just beginning to marvel at the wonders of the microscopic world. Hearing the words ‘microscopic world’ it is only natural to …

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