Debaayus Swain


Where is the AI Harbinger of Doom?

In 2013, Theranos, a health technology corporation hit the news with their revolutionary product called the Edison with a potential to change the medical industry for good. Leading the company was a Stanford Chemical Engineering dropout, Elizabeth Holmes. What better fairytale could you have? Holmes fit perfectly into the western media’s obsession with diversity over …

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When Nobility reaps Profits

Open-source software (OSS) has been the lifeblood of several breakthroughs in various scientific applications. For example, the Android smartphone in your hand has been built with open-source software. OSS is one of the most important reasons due to which mammoth corporations have not stifled the software industry. For every second person reading this who has …

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Braving the Economic Storm, in the Wake of Covid-19

The COVID-19 virus has destroyed everything in its path. Public health, countless lives, the economy, the psychology of the masses, and on a humorous note, Donald Trump’s unwarranted wall of confidence. However, it is crucial to be aware and prepared for the consequences beyond the wrath of the virus. From an economic point of view, …

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Bushfires Down Under

Until the 2019–2020 Australian bushfire season, the forests in Australia were thought to reabsorb all the carbon released in bushfires across the country. It would have meant that the forests achieved net-zero emissions. However, the 2019–2020 bushfires have already emitted 400 megatonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Over 18 million hectares have burned in …

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